230 species of fish and counting!

Wednesday March 2, 2011

On our many dives around Tokoriki and neighbouring islands, we have recorded 230 species of fish and counting! Here are a few:

Largest: 4m Greater Hammerhead
Smallest: 2cm Whip Coral Goby
Ugliest: Starry Pufferfish
Prettiest: Palette Surgeonfish
Strangest: Flying Gurnard
Rarest: Ornate Butterflyfish
Deepest: Yellowfin Tuna
Shallowest: Mudskipper
Friendliest: Remora
Meanest: Giant Trevally
Cutest: Yellow Boxfish
Tastiest: Spanish Mackerel
Nastiest: Reef Stonefish

Guests interested in learning how to identify fish can sign up for an Advanced Open Water Course REEF Fish ID dive.

Survey results get posted on line at, benefitting marine scientists in researching the aquatic life to be found in Fiji.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish