Asia Pacific Fish Survey

Wednesday April 2, 2008

For this survey we enlisted the help of a couple of budding fish ID enthusiasts, who just so happened to be diving with us at Tokoriki during “Earth Week” – thanks Mick and Judy (England)!

The survey required 10 species of fish to be chosen, a dive site in which to dive and volunteers to count fish!

The idea of the Asia Pacific Fish Survey is to dive the same site each year, at the same time of year (April) and count the same 10 species of fish.

We chose “Magic Mushrooms” as our Asia Pacific Fish Survey Site and the 10 fish chosen were as follows: Trumpet fish, Barred Rabbitfish, Chevron Butterflyfish, Staghorn Damsel, Bicolour Cleaner Wrasse, Fiji Fang Blenny, Blackspotted Puffer, Two spot Snapper, Yellow Bar Parrotfish and Oriental Sweetlips.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish