An inspirational Couple

Thursday August 4, 2011

It’s not often that we write about individuals that come to stay at Tokoriki, but Chris and Rachelle Chapman from the United States, deserve a special mention.

Internet junkys may well be away of Rachelle’s story. For those of you that don’t it comes as a reminder that life is precious. On her hen night (or bachelorette party as its known as in the States), Rachelle was thrown into a swimming pool as a prank. As she fell into the water she hit the bottom, heard a crack and floated up to the surface. Paralysed from her chest muscles down Rachelle and Chris’ life would change forever.

So how, you may ask does Tokoriki come into the picture? Well a year later than planned, after much media publicity, Rachelle and Chris did get married and chose Tokoriki to be their honeymoon destination.

We all spent an amazing week with Chris and Rachelle. They are incredible people with strength of character you wouldn’t believe. Determined to not let Rachelle’s disability get in the way of things, they went fishing, to the village twice (as they loved it so much the first time round), and whilst Chris did a Discover Scuba Dive, Rachelle came along to watch from the boat.

They truely were an inspirational couple and we wish them all the happiness in the world.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish