PADI Project AWARE Clean Ups

Beach cleanup kids A trip to magical Monuriki Island, location of the movie ‘Cast Away’, is a favourite of many of Tokoriki’s guests. But even this uninhabited jewel is not immune to modern times.

For the past six years Dive Tropex Tokoriki has run biannual clean ups to mark Earth Day (April) and International Clean up Day (September), enlisting the help of Yanuya Island school kids to clean beach and bush of rubbish.

Beach cleanup kids The rubbish, which consisted of plastic bottles, plastic bags, glass bottles, polystyrene and flip flops(!), gets washed ashore by ocean currents. This not just looks ugly, but can also become a health hazard for marine life and seabirds, who mistake certain items of rubbish for food. Plastic lighters for example look like squid—a favourite food of seabirds, and plastic bags look like jelly fish—a favourite food of Turtles and Whales.

Clean up events are fun. The kids particularly enjoy the fast boat ride over from the village to Monuriki Island, and once there a very short brief is given and then the clean up begins.

At the end of the clean up, the children are given goodie bags filled with school stationery as well as a certificate of recognition from PADI Project AWARE.

Beach cleanup kids