Coral Planting and Clam Measuring at Magic Mushrooms

Saturday November 12, 2011

Experienced divers, Li and Pierre from the USA, assisted us last week with a spot of giant clam measuring and coral planting at our Giant Clam Regeneration site.

Our giant clams are now a colossal 70cm in length and around 40cm in width! Hard to believe that when we first planted them “for a bit of fun” over 10 years ago they fitted into the palms of our hands!

Whilst on the site, under the Instruction of Will, Li and Pierre also got themselves immersed in coral planting. We have only just put a rack down on to the giant clam site. So this was the first bit of “planting” that we have done here.

Coral planting on our home reef Tokoriki Wall seems to be working. Along the wall edge small cuttings are now very visible to the untrained eye, so we have been keen for a while to expand the excercise to our Giant Clam Project site.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish