Coral Planting – How guests can get involved?

Tuesday August 31, 2010

Tokoriki Dive Shop is now in full scale production when it comes to coral planting, or as much as we can be whilst the Resort is experiencing such high occupancy!

Tokoriki diving guests have been keen to join us in coral planting sessions throughout the month of August.

Experienced divers such as Anthony Dal Cin from Italy and Laurie and Rick Assender from Australia have found the experience to be educational, fun and extremely rewarding.

At the time of writing we have planted around 60 coral plugs back on to the coral reef on Tokoriki Wall and have around 120 coral cuttings growing on two mesh racks. The project is of course ongoing and we are adding to this number monthly.

Now that we are confident with the techniques of coral planting and we can see that it works; we are keen to formalise Coral Planting as part of the PADI Advanced Diver Course Program



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish