Coral Planting Journal

Tuesday February 22, 2011

We are happy to report that around 70% of the coral cuttings growing on our coral racks have fused nicely on to their bases.

When this fusing happens, it means that the coral cuttings are ready for planting.

Over the course of December and January, Tokoriki diving guests of all abilities helped to plant the coral cuttings on to Tokoriki’s fringing reef.

Guests such as Ron Gottschalk, a return diving guest from Australia, felt “honoured” to be able to participate in coral planting.

Towards the end of January, Mala and Rara got busy making cement plugs. These are used as the bases for glueing coral cuttings on to, and by February we’ll be ready to collect brood coral stock from which to take new cuttings.

Its then a waiting game, around two months, before the cuttings are fused onto their plugs and are ready for planting on the reef…and so the cycle continues.

For more information on coral planting please click on the link and download our Coral Planting Fact File



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish