Coral Planting

coral plantingIn 2009 and early 2010 Tokoriki’s Fringing Reef suffered from a Crown of Thorn outbreak. The Crown of Thorn starfish is a coral eating native to the reefs of the South Pacific but every once in a while populations get out of control and whole coral reefs can be destroyed.

After the outbreak, we enlisted the expertise of people who plant coral for a living. Here in Fiji the obvious people to go to were Walt Smith International—growers of coral for the aquarium trade.

coral plantingThe technique we use was actually developed by Walt in the 1960s and is very effective. For full details of a how to on coral planting please download the Coral Planting Fact File (pdf).

Tokoriki diving guests can get involved in coral planting should they wish to. Coral planting has become an option for diving guests participating in the PADI Adventure and Advanced Diver Courses.

coral planting