Coral Regeneration

Thursday October 6, 2011

In 2009, 2010 the home reef off Tokoriki Island Resort suffered from a dreaded Crown of Thorn outbreak. A stunning coral reef, rich in acropora corals of every colour imaginable died.

In May 2010 with know-how from coral specialists from the USA, we started to replant our home reef.

For full details please visit our Environmental Pages and download our Coral Planting fact sheet.

Whilst coral planting is of course an on-going project, with help being enlisted from diving guests, honorary coral planting members (Will’s mum) and the Tokoriki dive team, we have also extended our coral planting to our Giant Clam Regeneration dive site; with a coral planting table being placed here at the end of October 2011.

So the 60 million dollar question of course is “Does coral planting work?”

We think so. Now visible to the “untrained” eye, little bursts of colour can be seen dotted along the 100m length of reef that we have been focusing on, on Tokoriki’s fringing reef.

Happily we can’t take all the credit as our efforts have been eclipsed by mother nature. It is wonderful to see scores of new baby corals (of all varieties) starting to grow back on our home reef; proof that regeneration can occur naturally and surprisingly quickly.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish