Dive Attractions—Highlights

Illustration of Clark’s Anemonefish

For more advanced divers we can highly recommend The Outer Limits. Coupled as a two tank dive either with Gotham City or The Supermarket it is a new site—only known at present to ourselves. Discovered by Will, from his fishing adventures, the Outer Limits seems to always produce. For a start the shallow reef wall is blanketed with soft corals, moving in to the current there are large schools of blue and yellow fusiliers, surgeon fish and red tooth triggers—its all extremely eye catching stuff. Of course it’s always the bigger fish we’re on the look out for: Eagle Rays, White Tip Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Spanish mackerel, Dog Tooth Tuna… and perhaps just the one off—but you never know—a 4m long Great Hammerhead Shark.

shrimptastic Another superb site for the experienced diver is Shrimptastic. Sitting just off Tokoriki Wall, this small pinnacle provides a unique dive for macro lovers. Corallomorphs, the most ancient of all corals, smother this small reef, and glass fish are so thick that you are pushing them out the way for closer inspection of what has become one of the most fascinating sites we have dived…

Armies of Durban Hingebeak Shrimp patrol the coral stems, whilst Ghost Shrimps and White Banded Cleaner Shrimp offer a manicure or teeth clean …yes it’s true…if you extend your hand out both species will give your fingernails a “clean.” Jelly Shrimps dance like fairies amongst exotic anemones, whilst Sexy Shrimp sway more seductively with their bottoms up! If that’s not enough, if you can find the Harlequin Shrimps, you may also find a Moray Eel or Octopus visiting them for a clean. The reef is also home to Pipe Fish—a relative of the Seahorse.

A final favourite is Wilson’s Point—a dive site just off the beach at Monuriki “Cast Away” Island. Wilson’s Point is great for those just starting out, due to its close proximity to land, shallow depth and sheltered location; but also for more experienced divers looking for something a bit different. The first quarter of the dive is spent along a “barren” sandy slope. Look closely, however, and all sorts of creatures can be found, including several species of ray (Marbled Ray, Blue Spotted sting ray), Short Nosed Pipe Fish and the elusive and weird Marbled Snake Eel! Along the sandy slopes the diver almost stumbles across two cleaning stations, home to Sarcoglossum nudibranchs; Spot Fin Lionfish, Cleaning Shrimps and whatever creatures they are cleaning!

Leaving the sandy slopes the dive site turns to a more conventional reef wall and then to a rubble plateau. Coral formations are home to Fire Tip Nudibranchs, Porcelain Crabs, exquisite juveniles such as the seaweed imitating Rock Mover Wrasse, and much more. Just in time for a lengthy safety stop, impressive Massive Porites corals dot the six metre mark. Under these hide Painted Crayfish and Oriental Sweetlips, while groups of rare Palette Surgeon Fish bustle along the drop off.

Check our Dive Sites Map for locations of our dive sites.