Dive Schedule and Planning

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We offer up to 4 dives each day. We generally recommend that certified divers opt for the 9.00am dive (return 10.30am) and/or 11.00am dive (return 12.30pm), although there is the choice of afternoon dives, plus of course night dives. The beauty of the diving at Tokoriki is the proximity of most of the dive sites (between 2 and 15 minutes from the beach). This allows us to offer single tank dives, which is what a lot of people prefer.

Oriental SweetlipsIf divers are keen to do two dives in the morning—not a problem… Tokoriki is usually the closest and most comfortable place to make a surface interval. Some of our sites are a little bit further away—the furthest being about 40 minutes. These sites are dived as part of a two tank dive—usually going out to the furthest and deepest dive first, making the surface interval on the dive boat and diving another site on the way back to Tokoriki. These two tank dives usually depart at 9.00am and return by 1.00pm.

Bottom times on dives obviously depend on depths. The Wreck for example, due to its profile is a 30 minute dive. Some of other sites—The Supermarket, Gotham City, Sherwood Forest, although being quite deep, can be comfortably dived as multilevel dives giving longer dive times. On many of the shallower dives, depending on your air consumption, you can be underwater for up to an hour. All dive profiles are planned using computers, with RDP wheel back up. You should note that Tokoriki Diving offers only recreational no decompression diving as defined by PADI.