Earth Day Monuriki ‘Cast Away’ Island Clean Up

Sunday May 9, 2010

A trip to magical Monuriki Island, location of the movie ‘Cast Away’, is a favourite of many of Tokoriki’s guests. But even this uninhabited jewel is not immune to modern times. For the past 4 years Dive TropexTokoriki has run biannual clean ups, enlisting the help of Yanuya Island school kids to clean beach and bush of rubbish.

We were a little late this year in conducting the clean up at Monuriki Island. But eventually in May we picked up 12 excited school children for a morning of beach cleaning.

Monuriki Island has recently been declared a land and marine sanctuary and the local landowners are going to great effort to regularly clean up. Nevertheless the volunteers still collected 12 bags of rubbish. Most of this was made up of plastic items—bottles, bags, noodle packets and a never ending supply of flip-flops!

At the end of the clean up, the children were given goodie bags filled with school stationery.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish