Edenville—New Dive Site

Friday July 6, 2007

Our good friends Jo and Charlie, who used to be Dive Instructors at a neighbouring resort, shared their knowledge of a dive site that they thought we’d like to know about… they called the site “Edenville”. Situated around 8 minutes away from Tokoriki on the fringe of Tavua Island, this shallow drift dive is worth writing about.

The villagers of Tavua Island made the reef “tabu” meaning that at least for the moment, no fishing is allowed. As a result the site boasts large numbers of good sized parrot fish, surgeon fish, sweetlips, coral trout, red bass and snappers. One often sees eagle rays, blue spotted sting rays and hawksbill turtles, as well as giant clams and cray fish. The coral cover over the reef is very impressive making the dive popular with divers of all abilities.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish