First PADI e-Learners

Sunday January 27, 2008

We have been very busy with diving over the festive/New Year period. It has been a pleasure welcoming back familiar faces and introducing our wonderful sites to new divers.

We were particularly busy doing PADI Courses—including our first PADI e-Learners. For those who are thinking about learning to dive you can now start your course online at home—offering amazing flexibility. For more information please go to our Dive Course pages.

We are so lucky here that we have great dive sites close by so we don’t have to put up with long bumpy journeys. But sometimes the boat trips can be the highlight of the experience. In the past, from the boat, we’ve seen Manta Rays, Humpback Whales, Leopard Sharks, Sailfish and we regularly see Spinner Dolphins and Hawksbill Turtles. On our last trip to the Salamanda Wreck Dive we very nearly ran over a big Greater Hammerhead which was basking in the morning sun. We looped around and ran with it for a while close enough to touch its dorsal before it decided enough was enough and descended into the depths. It’s not the biggest Hammerhead that we’ve seen but it was at least 3m/10ft long and in the clear water you could easily see its attendant Trevally and Remoras.

Having done in excess of 5000 dives around Tokoriki Island it’s unusual for us to now see a new species… however, on a recent dive at Monuriki Gardens we saw a beautiful Giant Sweetlips. A gorgeous chocolaty brown snapper shaped fish. It was alongside two big Many Spotted Sweetlips and simply dwarfed them.




Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish