Fish Surveys

Dick's damselsOver the years we have been involved with Fish Counts of one sort or another. We have done PADI Project AWARE Fish Counts, participated in the Great Fiji Butterflyfish Counts and now are able to offer divers REEF Fish Counts.

Keen to expand their database to include fish and invertebrates found in Fiji, REEF (The Reef Environmental Educational Foundation) sought assistance from those in the know at DEMA, the World’s largest Dive Show, as to whom to get in touch with in Fiji to help.
 As of early 2011 Dive Tropex Tokoriki became a REEF Field Station and guests diving with us are now able to conduct fish surveys for the benefit of ongoing scientific research.

cardinal fish The beauty of the REEF surveys is that divers don’t have to be experts to participate. As such the survey is something even a fairly new diver can accomplish. The surveys are fun and educational, using a random, ‘check off fish as you dive’, approach. Tokoriki divers are encouranged to sign up for a REEF survey through the PADI Adventure and Advanced Diver programs.