Fishing News of the Feathery Kind

Sunday July 31, 2011

The Pacific Reef Heron or Belo as it is known in Fijian is a regular visitor to our shores and can be found at the water’s edge fishing every day.

Their favourite food is sardines. Hours are spent stalking them, until a hungry trevally, shark or tern disturbs the school sending sardines skyward and shoreward. When this happens our fishing friend pounces and gets a feed.

Through-out June and July Tokoriki guests have been enjoying this spectacle. Although they are usually brown in colour, guests in the sunset pool villas are privileged to see a rare albino heron—pure white in colour.

Also to be seen in large numbers at the moment are the magnificent Great Crested Terns or Dre in Fijian. Their fishing tactics are very different to the Herons’ – diving into the sea head first to catch their unsuspecting prey. Terns are a common site on fishing trips of the human kind and often signify fish!



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish