Giant Clam Site Receives National Recognition - Marine Reserve in sight!

Tuesday June 30, 2009

In June 2009 we received some amazing news…as a result of persistent lobbying, and national recognition and support from the Ministry of Fisheries, we learned that The Tokoriki Giant Clam Regeneration site has been nominated as a high priority reef to become a Marine Protected Area (MPA).

A presentation was made, by the Mamanuca Environmental Society’s Project Scientist, to the Tui Lawa (The Head Chief of the entire Mamanuca Region), who gave his verbal consent for our Giant Clam Site to be made a protected zone.

In Fiji everything has to be done in the tradtional way and this takes time. At present, we have been told to wait patiently for a traditional ceremony to be conducted, before the site formally becomes an MPA.

An MPA means that no one can fish this site or harvest our clams. This would mean that our Giant Clams remain safe for generations to come.

For more information on our Giant Clam Project Site and its significance please download the Giant Clam Write Up 2009.pdf



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish