Giving excursions a more natural appeal

Thursday March 31, 2011

Lately our tours have been having a bit of a makeover. Keen to not offer our guests the touristy thing, our Sacred Island Tour and Monuriki Tour now both include a detailed nature walk.

OK, I know everywhere does a nature walk; but not like we do. Academic research combined with local know-how provides our guides with the right mix of personal stories and experiences with hard facts.

For example did you know that the Dilo tree, otherwise known as the Alexandrian Laurel originated from India.

Indeed its round seeds, commonly found on Fijian beaches, drifted to Fiji on the ocean currents. Although the nut is poisonous to eat; the oil yielded from the nut has many properties. Our local staff still use the dilo nut for soothing skin and eye problems, with recipes handed down through the generations.

Interestingly enough, dilo oil has been proven to have anti-aging properties and is now used in Pure Fiji’s facial care range. Those looking to be wrinkle free should look no further!

Nature fact files that include information about many of the birds, trees and wildlife found on our beautiful doorstep are available to any guest who wishes to take such fascinating information home with them.

Sacred Islands Nature Fact File.pdf
Monuriki Island Nature Fact File.pdf



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish