High Chief visits Tokoriki Giant Clam Farm

Saturday March 6, 2010

Early in the year Tokoriki played host to Ratu Seva—the High Chief of the whole region. As part of his stay at Tokoriki he visited our Giant Clam Project Site.

As Ratu Seva was not a diver; our only option was to raise one of our endangered tridanca gigas clams to show him. Not an easy task when one realizes that one of our mid sized clams weighs a hefty 40kg!

Armed with fish sling bag and floatation aids Will managed to bring up to the boat a baby clam less than one year old and one of our 9 year old brood stock.

Once photos were taken and measurements made, the clams were returned safely to their seabed unharmed.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish