June 2007: Fishing Update

Monday June 11, 2007

It has been a very interesting period on the fishing front. The Sportfishing has quietened down, but we’ve been consistently successful on our Light Tackle trips.

There are lots of Spanish Mackerel around, mostly mid sized fish up to 15kg, and we are expecting the bigger ones to move in soon. In June we were catching lots of mackerel on very small lures, with some great battles on light spinning rods. Recently they seem to have taken a preference for deadbaits, and we are getting takes as soon as we can get a bait in the water. Spanish Mackerel aren’t the only fish that like deadbaits. Catch and Release always encouragedAs well as plenty of smaller Chevron Barracuda, we’ve landed Great Barracuda up to 18kg. For the first time we’ve also caught some GTs on deadbaits—the best a fish of 22kg. More adventurous fishermen have been quite successful cassting poppers on the reef top, catching mostly Blue Fin Trevally, but also some GTs. It’s hard work, but when it pays off it’s an immensely exciting form of fishing.

To add to our tackle collection, we’ve invested in a Shimano 15–24 kg popper fishing rod and a Spheros 14,000 spinning reel. Loaded with 37kg braid this is a fantastic combination for casting big poppers but also a lovely set up for trolling. We also treated ourselves to a Kilwell Texalium 15kg trolling rod which is one of the nicest rods of its kind that we’ve ever seen.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish