March Shark Madness!

Saturday March 6, 2010

The first question many visitors ask us is are there any sharks here?

While we might be tempted to deny their existence, the fact is that there are quite a few sharks in the waters around Tokoriki – and recently they have been more active and visible than usual.

In February a small school of sardines appeared in the lagoon in front of the dive shop, and it wasn’t long before the predators arrived to cash in…

Up to a dozen baby black tip reef sharks (all about 30cm in length), have been delighting guests, cruising the waterline within inches of the shore, and throwing themselves into the sardines with great gusto.

Needless to say these little guys are completely harmless (unless you are a sardine!), and are extremely important for the health of the reef.

Black tip and white tip reef sharks are by far the most common shark species found in the Mamanucas. Both of them are relatively small (up to 2m when adult) and feed on small prey species – reef fish and crustaceans.

The black tips are quite happy in shallow lagoon water, whereas the white tips prefer to stay beyond the drop off.

These sharks are quite regularly seen on snorkel trips , and very often encoutered on dives.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish