New Pipefish Species Found

Sunday June 1, 2008

Whilst preparing some Giant Clam cages for a highly anticipated batch of baby Giant Clams (hopefully more on this in July), Will stumbled across a new species of Pipefish.

Pipefish are close relatives of the Seahorse, and the stunning “Bluestripe Pipefish” or “Doryrhamphus excisus” was an exciting new find.

Only growing to 7cm, it spends its days cleaning under things!

I guess the reason we have never seen it before is that Dive Tropex Tokoriki has a “no touch” policy on its dives, and therefore picking things up is not common practice.

At the time Will was collecting dead coral rubble to line the base of a Giant Clam cage (the rubble gives the baby clams something to nestle into), he stumbled across his new discovery under a piece of rubble, where it was cleaning a Sea Urchin.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish