White Tip Reef Shark Baby

Wednesday June 4, 2008

Magic Mushrooms home of Tokoriki’s Giant Clam Farm, has a new resident – a baby White Tip Reef Shark.

All month this little fellow, of only around one metre long, has largely stayed put under a large “massive porites” coral.

At first when we stumbled across him he ot rather agitated, but now he is quite used to us and seem to happily tolerate awestruck divers staring at him.

Oddly enough, a Tawny Nurse Shark (not seen before at Magic Mushrooms), has also been spotted a number of times this June, as well as lots of close encounters of larger White Tip Reef Sharks.

At the moment we seem to be seeing Sharks on nearly all our dives – mostly White Tip, but also Black Tip, Tawny Nurse and Grey Reef.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish