November 2007: Fishing

Friday November 16, 2007

This time last year we caught some very big Spanish Mackerel, but in 2007 it has been quantity rather than quality. In early October the Spanish Mackerel were throwing themselves on the hooks—both on trolled lures and on deadbaits. In fact we actually stopped using deadbaits because the smaller Spanish Mackerel (5–10kg) were biting them off and not hooking up. Whilst using deadbaits we also experienced some heavy strikes which did not remove or mark the baits; eventually one fish hooked itself and proved to be a Giant Trevally of about 25kg (returned).

Barracuda caught on a popperThe GTs have also started moving onto the reef tops and every popper fishing trip has had follows or takes from these bruisers, with fish up to about 15kg caught and released.

Due to the success of the Light Tackle trips we’ve not been sport fishing that much but we finished November on a high note with our best ever Marlin—a Blue of 120kg (estimated–also released).



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish