School Holidays—What’s there to do at Tokoriki for the over 12s?

Wednesday July 7, 2010

Tokoriki is marketed mainly to couples; but you’d be surprised by how Tokoriki is still a very popular choice with families with teenage children.

Take the Roberts family from New Zealand ; who have been coming to Tokoriki for years. They choose Tokoriki over some of the other more popular family resorts in Fiji because the girls, now aged 18 and 16 don’t need a kids club, and their mother craves the peace and tranquility that Tokoriki has to offer. So what you may ask do children such as the Roberts’ do?

Well the answer lies with us at the Dive Shop—they learn to dive! An Open Water Course takes anything from 4—5 days and fits perfectly into a week’s holiday. Children love learning to dive, are usually very good at it and obviously develop a skill that remains with them for life. Exercise, education and professional minders make enrolling your child on a dive course the perfect way to allow Mum and Dad to get some rest and relaxation. However if you are anything like Monica and Rosie’s mum, she dives too; and this enables them as a family to spend time together doing something they all love to do.

The Taff family are more Tokoriki stalwarts. Their family aren’t divers (although next year we may have a convert!) so how you might ask do their kids pass the time. Everyday Tokoriki runs a complimentary snorkel trip—a very popular excursion with the Taff’s, the kids also sail and kayak most days and usually sign up for a couple of Tokoriki’s excursions. Popular choices for families are the village visit, the Sacred Islands and private charters—such as a day trip up to the Yasawa islands. Any family of 4 or more is able, availability allowing, to charter a boat and do a private tour for the same cost that it would be to sign up on a scheduled trip, allowing for tailor made private itinaries at an affordable cost.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish