Stop Press – Great new dive site discovered off Monuriki!

Sunday March 1, 2009

A brief, on a whim, dive during a trip to Monuriki “Cast Away” island, has come up with what could be a great new site.

The south east corner of the island tapers to a very sharp point. The top of the point is shallow (6-10m), with wonderful coral gardens while the edge drops away into about 18m on to a sandy bottom.

The geography of this spot will, we think, means that it gets quite a bit of current and certainly during our dive we could feel some pull. Current running on to a reef will always attract swarms of fish and we saw huge schools of Gill Raker Mackerel and Blue and Yellow Fusiliers.

Also feeding into the current were 30-40 Palette surgeon fish – surely one of the most beautiful species of our reefs. We only have ever seen these in ones and twos before, so this is a real find. Lots of small fish must equal big fish and cruising in the blue were Spanish Mackerel and huge Blue Fin Trevally. We very much look forward to diving here again.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish