The Outer Limits and Edge of Reality

Friday August 6, 2010

Two dive sites that we have started diving more regularly recently are Edge of Reality and The Outer Limits.

Edge of Reality is situated in the fringing reef of tiny Yavuriba Island, about 20 minutes north of Tokoriki. The underwater terrain is varied – a sheer north/south wall folllowed by a 90 degree turn onto coral terraces with caves and tunnels. The coral cover is good, with large patches of encrusting coral. Turtles are seen on almost every dive, and there are often several white tip reef sharks around, with the occasional black tip.

The Outer Limits can be a very exciting dive, although tides and sea condtions must be right. It’s position, aT the mouth of Mana Passage, and close to open ocean, can mean strong currents and chop, but also lots of fish life. Thousands of blue and yellow fusilers cascade over the reef walls, with huge schools of unicorn fish and red bass. Spanish mackerel are reguarly sighted, along with white tip reef sharks and occasional turtles.

If the currernt is pushing over the terraces at the point of the reef, there can be BIG dogtooth tuna on the prowl, plus barracuda and eagle rays. Other big creatures sighted include Grey Reef Sharks, Rainbow Runner, Blue and Giant Trevally, plus on one memorable occasion an 4m/13’ Great Hammerhead!



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish