The uninhabited Sacred Islands - Heaven on Earth?

Tuesday December 16, 2008

Fact: of all the tours we do, the one that keen snorkellers and nature lovers rave about most is the Sacred Island Tour.

Every Sunday Tokoriki guests head north into the upper most reaches of the Mamanuca Island group. On the way they stop off at Dunk’s Canyon for some awe inspiring snorkelling. Sheer steep reef walls covered with coral and fish provide an exhilarating start to the day. After that it’s a cruise around this magnificent island group, and finally in to one of the most beautiful bays in Fiji where guests get off the boat and enjoy exploring Navadra Island.

December provided regular encounters with harmless juvenile black tip reef sharks right on the shore’s edge at Navadra Island. Undeterred by humankind the little sharks (no more than 40cm long) just carried on their daily routine, cruising in and around the sea grass beds.

On one such trip that I happened to be on – these little sharks suddenly rushed away. Following them was a very big Giant Trevally; which itself was being shadowed by a larger Black Tip Reef Shark. (A harmless species).

In nature, the Shark far from being the aggressor is more the “lazy opportunist”. In this instance it was hanging close to the GT (the real fighter) to pick up the leftovers of the GTs meal.

It was an amazing experience to complete the most perfect day.

NB: By the way the Sacred Islands are steeped in history for more information about the islands please visit our Local History page.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish