Tokoriki Dive Shop becomes a 'Fiji Shark Defender'

Tuesday November 22, 2011

Dive Tropex Tokoriki has signed up to join the ‘Fiji Shark Sanctuary Campaign’ and as such has become a ‘Fiji Shark Defender’.

It is shocking to learn that there are 6 shark fin export warehouses in Suva (the capital of Fiji), handling up to one tonne (1000kg) of dried shark fin, or at least 2,000 dead sharks per month each. Help us in supporting the Fiji Shark Sanctuary Campaign and putting pressure on the Fiji Government to protect all of Fiji’s shark species by creating a shark sanctuary in the Fiji EEZ.

We would also highly recommend that you view Shark Hope, a compelling short presentation that highlights the plight of sharks in Fiji.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish