Tokoriki welcomes 104 juvenile Giant Clams!

Saturday October 27, 2012

In early October we were delighted to finally receive over a hundred juvenile giant clams to plant on our local reefs.

The juvenile clams made the long journey from Makogai Island Scientific Research and Clam Breeding Station, the other side of Fiji, and were accompanied by Mamanuca Environmental Society (MES) representatives Emosi and Matereti.

Once at Tokoriki, the clams were placed in their new home: Tokoriki Wall and our Giant Clam Regeneration Project Site.

Tokoriki’s Giant Clam Project is a ‘one of a kind’ dive in Fiji; with divers being able to dive and learn about 5 species of Giant Clam. This site, which was the brainchild of Will and Alex 12 years ago, has gone on to house the second largest collection of rare and endangered clams in Fiji (Makogai Scientific Research and Clam Breeding Station having the largest number)!

The Marine Scientists from MES were ‘blown away’ with the size and number of our clams. Other Resorts with the assistance of MES have in recent years tried to emulate Tokoriki’s Giant Clam Project, with no success however.
As such we were interviewed at length about what has made this project different, and the MES team intend to use this information to encourage other Resorts to try again.

The large dead shell in the photo is from one of our 10 year old tridacna gigas clams. This clam sadly died last month, so we retrieved the empty shell. We used it in these images to give you and idea of how large these clams can grow!



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish