What goes bump in the night on a Tokoriki Night Dive?

Saturday September 6, 2008

Will has completed something in the region of two hundred night dives, but recently enjoyed possibly his most memorable on our home reef, Tokoriki Wall.

It was a dark evening, with no moon, so the strange creatures that inhabit the reef at night were particularly active – bizarre slipper lobsters, giant hermits, goliath crabs; plerobranchs (sea hares) to name a few. The gorgonian sea fans, bright red in the torch lights, were alive with tiny spider crabs.

Two white tip reef sharks accompanied the divers, whilst a very handsome hawskbill turtle posed for photos before slipping away into the gloom. The highlight, however, was witnessing a large moray eel catching, eating and swallowing a huge rabbitfish – a true National Geographic moment!



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish