You’re never “too experienced” to dive

Friday August 14, 2009

Question: How old is “too old” for scuba diving?
Answer: Never (providing you get the OK from your Doctor)

It is true to say that the younger you are the easier it is to learn to dive – its true to everything in life – the older we get; the more cautious we become and the less willing to adapt to new situations.

However an increasing number of guests at Tokoriki Island Resort in their 60’s and 70’s are taking up diving!

This is what Barry Cripps (76yrs) from Australia has to say about the diving at Tokoriki:

“Will and Alex (Tokoriki’s Dive Instructors) really look after you, help you with all the equipment and make it so easy. They have a passion for what they do and truly care about their guests. They make it a personalized experience. I was turned off diving a few years back and they’ve helped me get back into it.’ With a twinkle in his eye Barry adds ‘I really enjoy it here.”

Barry, who is a certified diver, did a refresher dive in the pool, and two dives in the ocean – one on our home reef, Tokoriki Wall, and one to Dunk’s Canyon, a wonderful, coral rich site towards the Sacred Islands. Both dives were to ten metres in depth, and were over fifty minutes in duration.

Another more “experienced” diver is Judy Peters (67yrs) from England. Judy is a regular at Tokoriki and since learning to dive aged 59, has now done more than 100 dives (all of them at Tokoriki – she won’t dive anywhere else!).

“Diving has become a very important part of my life…it’s changed my life. I’ve become fascinated with fish and the marine world in general. It’s also true to say that in order to keep diving I’ve got to stay fit and healthy…so I’m much more conscious of my health. .Each year before I travel to Fiji I get a medical check up as a precaution…

It is true to say that as an “experienced” diver you need to make sure your dive location can cater for you. Tokoriki is perfect – small personalized groups, shallow easy diving, fantastic dive boats with easy ladders to exit the water from, and the option of doing single dives – one dive a day is what I like to do. The equipment is all carried for you…and of course I have the privilege of diving with an amazingly caring and friendly dive crew…I can highly recommend it”.



Illustration of Red tooth triggerfish